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First PESCRIP-TEC fieldwork training for health workers in Slovakia

PRESCRIP-TEC cervical cancer training in Slovakia

PRESCRIP-TEC partner, Healthy Regions, organised the first health training for regional groups of health promotion assistants and coordinators from Vranov nad Topľou, Prešov and Sabinov at the beginning of 2022. This initial training for the PRESCRIP-TEC project training took place in Košice, Slovakia.

Content of training

The information and topics discussed during the health training were:

  • An introduction to the issues addressed by the PRESCRIP-TEC Project: what cervical cancer is and how it can be prevented and eliminated by following the WHO strategy.
  • How to perform testing for high-risk HPV in the form of a self-test and why this is a cost-effective method for prevention and screening for cervical cancer.
  • Logistics for the distribution and collection of self-tests.
  • Questionnaires: the importance of the questionnaires content and the importance of their detailed completion for research purposes.

Furthermore, the rationale for creating a project to address a global problem – in this case, cervical cancer – was explained, and also the importance of the research being conducted through the PRESCRIP-TEC project.

Opportunities for active participation

All attendees did a great job during the training which was packed with a lot of information.

Each participant was able to create their own ideas of how to proceed in their local area and to try filling out the questionnaires. In addition they were given a lot of professional medical information which is usually unclear to the general public. 

As a result, the overall evaluation of this health training for fieldwork, was perceived as highly positive and informative.

PRESCRIP-TEC project in Slovakia

In the Slovak Republic a consortium of experts from the University of Trnava, Healthy Regions and the League Against Cancer (LPR) are working on the PRESCRIP-TEC project. You can read more about the project at: