Photo gallery


PRESCRIP-TEC Activities at Friendship Hospital, Shyamnagar

UMCG students visited Bangladesh to participate in PRESCRIP-TEC field activities

PRESCRIP-TEC field visit with UMCG medical students

PRESCRIP-TEC Partners visit the field in South Bangladesh

FCMs Receive Extensive Training to Address Cervical Cancer

Program Boosts Secondary Prevention of Cervical Cancer in Northern Bangladesh

Training on Cervical Cancer Screening for Paramedics and Doctors


Cervical Cancer Screening Awareness Programme in Innanje village, Udupi district


Cervical cancer awareness campaign in marginalised Roma communities in Slovakia

PESCRIP-TEC fieldwork training for health workers in Slovakia


Community mobilization activities

Field visit Dr. Jogchum Beltman

Uganda health teams trained in PRESCRIP-TEC AWACAN tool

Field visit to Uganda health centres – UMCG students and Dr. Frederik van Slooten