Communication toolkit

 Communication toolkit

Here you can find resources to share with your community about cervical cancer prevention and the PRESCRIP-TEC Project.

To end cervical cancer it is necessary to incorporate prevention into our lifestyle. There are three stages in cervical cancer prevention:

  • Primary prevention: Vaccination of teenagers against HPV infection
  • Secondary prevention: Screening of women on HPV infection
  • Tertiary prevention: Preventive treatment of cervical lesions

Please, use all these resources at your convenience to spread the message about cervical cancer prevention.

Logotype and Brand guidelines

Download PRESRIP-TEC logo in JPG

Download PRESCRIP-TEC logo in SVG

Download PRESCRIP-TEC brand guidelines (In this document you will find all the information about how to use the PRESCRIP-TEC logo and other brand elements)

Landing pages

We have created one micro-site for each beneficiary country to encourage the target population to get informed and get screened to prevent cervical cancer.

Posters and flyers

These posters can be printed in different sizes A3, A4, A5… To stick them on the wall or to hand them out




Prevention cervical cancer in Slovakia
Country fact sheets

The country fact sheets are useful for sharing them with the policy makers and make them aware of the importance of prevention to eliminate cervical cancer as a public health problem.

Download country fact sheet – Bangladesh

Download country fact sheet – India

Download country fact sheet – Slovakia

Download country fact sheet – Uganda


Short videos that explain in a simple way what we can do to eliminate cervical cancer as a public health problem, especially in developing countries.


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Please, help us to share and spread the message.

Together we can end cervical cancer!