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Related papers

Main scientific papers related to the PRESCRIP-TEC project

Cervical cancer screening and treatment in Uganda

Cervical cancer is the leading cause of cancer death among women in Uganda. Given the high prevalence of genital human papillomavirus infection, the current unavailability of radiotherapy, and the absence of a national cervical cancer prevention and control program, these deaths will likely increase. Read More

Hybrid Transfer Learning for Classification of Uterine Cervix Images for Cervical Cancer Screening

Transfer learning using deep pre-trained convolutional neural networks is increasingly used to solve a large number of problems in the medical field. In spite of being trained using images with entirely different domain, these networks are flexible to adapt to solve a problem in a different domain too. Read More

Integrated cervical cancer screening in
Mayuge District Uganda (ASPIRE Mayuge): a
pragmatic sequential cluster randomized
trial protocol

Cervical cancer is almost entirely preventable through vaccination and screening, yet remains one of the ‘gravest threats to women’s lives’ according to the World Health Organization. Specific high-risk subtypes of human papillomavirus (HR-HPV) are well-established as the primary cause of cervical cancer. Read More

Andriod Device-Based Cervical Cancer Screening for Resource-Poor Settings

Visual inspection with acetic acid (VIA) is an effective, affordable and simple test for cervical cancer screening in resource-poor settings. But considerable expertise is needed to differentiate cancerous lesions from normal lesions, which is lacking in developing countries. Many studies have attempted automation of cervical cancer detection from cervix images acquired during the VIA process. Read More