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Providing health care in regions without road access

cervical screening research

Our goal at PRESCRIP-TEC is to increase the adoption of cervical cancer screening in resource-poor and hard-to-reach settings. One of the world’s areas that best exemplifies “hard-to-reach” are the chars (islands) on the Brahmaputra river in the North of Bangladesh.

One can only reach these communities via the river, since there are no roads or paths that connect them with the rest of the country. To guarantee access to health services for the inhabitants of this region, the NGO FRIENDSHIP uses floating hospitals that provide both emergency and primary care services.

Dr. Asif Ahamed, programme manager of one of the floating hospitals, organised a guided tour for us to explain all the facilities and activities carried out at this very unique hospital.

Have a look at this video to see how the Friendship floating hospital works.