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Joint discussion on cancer prevention and awareness lead by Friendship

Cervical cancer Bangladesh

The member of the PRESCRIP-TEC consortium Friendship recently organised a joint discussion on cancer prevention and awareness in Bangladesh. The meeting was held in the Gaibandha Civil Surgeon’s conference room on 9 March.

The Gaibandha Civil Surgeons, Dr. A.M Akhtaruzzaman and Dr. Umma Kulsum spoke at the event, as well as district hospital superintendent and district consultant, Dr Farooq Azam Noor; Friendship Deputy Director, Dr. A.T.M. Sanaul Bashar; Friendship quality advisor, Dr. Naheed Nazrul; Senior Project Coordinator, G.M. Abdur Rahim; Friendship Regional Manager, Abdus Salam; and other experts on public health and cancer prevention and research.

The main issues discussed at the meeting were human papillomavirus infection and prevention, and other cancer and non-cancerous health concerns.

Medical professionals from various fields including cancer, healthcare professionals and Friendship staff were present at the event.